Peace of mind may be the most important reason to install a video security surveillance system in your business or home. We provide SD & HD CCTV and IP camera systems, and indoor / outdoor hidden cameras with video surveillance capabilities that can be viewed from anywhere via PC, tablet or mobile devices.

Maximize security by installing professional real-time monitoring and recording-capable video surveillance equipment. We provide top of the line equipment to ensure that images in both daylight and low-light conditions are optimal for viewing using any medium.

For Your Business
Meet with our team of professional to establish the criteria for your security surveillance requirements.  We will review your floor plan and identify high and susceptible risk areas and determine the best equipment for each area.  Criteria such as hours of operation, recording time/hours required, lighting and camera placement will all be discussed to provide you the ultimate security in knowing that your business is optimally protected whether you are there or not.

For Your Home
The same careful consideration that we put into business security surveillance we take in home security. Many homes are left unoccupied more hours of the day than many businesses. Your home is vulnerable during daylight hours where criminals are capable of conducting surveillance of their own.

We will walk through your home and identify vulnerable areas and provide effective security solutions. Additionally, will walk the outer perimeter of your home and recommend the best equipment based upon the area of susceptibility and other factors such as access to mounting and electricity.

Security surveillance has equally become a necessity for business owners and home owners alike.  There are no two business or home alike and requirements vary depending on location. We will provide the best and most effective security system based on all factors.

For do it Yourselfers
Equipment purchases over the counter tend to be substandard and may not provide all the security you require.  Additionally, by the time you purchase the products, make multiple trips to the hardware store for odds & ends, and hire an electrician, you may have spent the same amount or more in the long run.  Let the professionals that know what you need do the work for you to achieve the ultimate protection you require.

At Ultimate AVi we believe that every client and every project is unique. We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and design a system that exceeds their expectations.

For more information on Ultimate AVi, please contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at or call 888.510.7532.