Don’t miss a beat! Enjoy your home audio system in any room in your home.  Home audio or distributed audio is a popular way for homeowners to experience the ultimate in sound in any room of your home.


When designing a system that fits your home we will review each room and suggest the best equipment based on established criteria.  Multiple zones can be created so that different music and be played simultaneously and easily controlled anywhere from your mobile device, PC or tablet. You will be able to turn the music down in one room and pick a completely different playlist in another. Your audio system can extend outside your home to patio and pool areas, making it the perfect addition for summer.


Whole home audio systems are significant because they allow an entire family the privacy of entertaining guests in their own personal space, or all together, using audio sources as diverse as the music played, such as iTunes, XM/Satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify, AM/FM, CDs and more.


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